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Patricia Romanikova, 23.06.2022
TMS or Transport management system is an online tool used all over the world to manage the daily workflow of transportation companies. What are the key benefits it provides? Keep reading to find out.

The modern age offers new possibilities in all parts of our life and running a business is no exception. Since technology has become widely accessible, **even the conservative industries are turning to digital solutions. **

Digitization is nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary, by using the right digital tools, even small to medium sized road cargo carriers can **reduce costs of running a business and improve their competitiveness. **

Developing and maintaining a custom TMS comes pretty expensive and only big carriers can afford such an expense. The only solution for small and medium carriers is to buy and use a TMS software from 3rd party companies. This way, they can have a similar system to their big competitors without the need to invest in software development on their own. Let’s take a look into the specific advantages of using a digital TMS.

Better service for customers

Information accessible online makes sharing them with clients so much easier. In a matter of one click in Transportly TMS you can share the status of ongoing transport with the client, including the real time positions of the vehicle. This way the client is able to check his transports on his own without the need to contact you. No more reaching out via phone or email. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Relief for dispatchers

The less your dispatchers have to communicate with a client and inform them regularly, the more time they have for activities where human force is irreplaceable.

Communication with drivers

Transportly TMS comes in a bundle of 2 applications - a desktop app for dispatchers and a mobile app for drivers. This way the driver can be sure that he/she finds all necessary information in one place and in a systematic structure and on the other hand a dispatcher has all the information needed about the ongoing transportation just one click away in the app.

The access to the documents

In case you have all your documents physically stored in your office or you have an electronic backup on a server inside the building, they are accessible only if you are physically present in your company. By using TMS, each and every document is stored online which means that it is accessible from the comfort of your home, or any other place with an Internet connection. You might not even need a PC, a simple smartphone is sufficient enough most of the time.

Time efficiency

The less of your time and effort is consumed by simple activities, which can be done by a computer, the more time you can spend on duties where you are irreplaceable. Doesn’t matter if you want to expand your business and look for new customers or to have more free time and come home from work earlier, TMS will help you achieve it.

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We believe that our blog has helped you to understand the advantages of moving from traditional methods of management to digital solutions. Basically, it is a small change in your workflow with a big impact on your business. Needless to say, everybody who is serious about running a business in freight transportation is turning to TMS eventually. This applies to both conservative companies using a blackboard and papers, or young ambitious businesses.

Try TRANSPORTLY TMS for free using a Sign up button and enjoy those benefits for yourself starting today.

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